The Characteristics of a Quality Benchmade Knife

Knives are undoubtedly one of the oldest tools used by mankind. Using sharpened stones and bones goes back to days of cavemen. These days, however, we have many more choices and one of the best choices is Benchmade Knives.

The Benchmade knife Company was started by Les de Asis and oem knives Roberta in 1988 in California. 2 years later, they moved to Oregon, which is where it is situated now. From there, the company grew to become one of the best knife manufacturers, mainly because of their enhanced product line. They are also pioneers in using laser technology for engraving the knives.

A big reason behind the quality of Benchmade knives is the quality of steel used. Benchmade uses CPM, D2, S30V and 154CM grade steel for their knives. For the uninitiated, these are some of the highest quality steels available on the market today. In short, these types of metals give the knives optimum durability and cutting ability. The knives are classified into gold, blue, black and red. The handles come in several different colors such as red, yellow, blue, silver, pink and black and stag. The handles are built in such a way so that it will give maximum griping and comfort level for the user. It is for all these reasons and more, many of the law enforcement and military personnel around the world use the Benchmade knife.

As far as handles go, stag knives are one of the most popular models for hunters and fisherman from Bench made. Stag refers to the antlers of a deer. The tradition of using the bone or ivory of hunted animals for knife ornamentation goes back a long way. It is steeped in folklore and tradition that goes back many centuries. Benchmark keeps up this tradition by making the highest quality hunting and fishing knives by using stag horn for its handles. This material is capable of giving a look to the knife which no other material can replicate. As with all other knives made by Benchmade, the stag knives are of the highest quality and corrosion proof.

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