6 Tips To Keep Your Commercial Dishwasher Working

Commercial dishwashers can be very expensive if they are not treated with care. If you buy a good one made completely of stainless steel and you invest time in taking care of it, you might be fortunate enough to be using the same dishwasher 20 years or more down the line.

However, too many business owners make the mistake of buying a commercial dishwasher, installing it in the kitchen of their very busy restaurant and then ignoring any kind of maintenance work that should be followed in order to maintain it in good working order.

bosch dishwasher sms46ki03i For this reason, it is important to adhere to the following six steps for keeping your dishwasher clean and functioning. If the following six steps are put into practice on a regular basis, the dishwasher that you have bought should work for many years and without any technical problems.

It is important to serve up that tasty restaurant food on spanking clear plates and to pour that rich red wine into crystal clear glasses. Therefore, be good to your dishwasher and put these six maintenance tips into practice with immediate effect:

1. Rinse Dishes:
It is important to give all dishes a quick rinse before they go into the dishwasher. Buy a high powered sprayer to leave by the sink and quickly remove those small pieces of food and waste before putting the dishes into the dishwasher. Any extra waste left on the dishes will only accumulate over time and make your dishwasher work that much harder. Prolong its life and make sure that the dishes are well rinsed before you start any wash.

2. Full Loads:
Always make sure your commercial dishwasher is full before your start. There is no point starting a wash with a full load as it not only costs more money, but uses up a lot of energy; energy that could have been put to better use by your dishwasher. By operating with only full loads every time, you will save dishwasher energy and your money, because you are not using your dishwasher twice in order to clean the same amount of dishes.

3. Monitor Water Tank Temperature
Make sure that your water heater temperature stays below 140 degrees. If you go over this temperature when using your dishwasher, you will be wasting a lot of energy and your bill will increase unnecessarily. However, if the water in your dishwasher increases to more the 140 degrees you could also be doing some unnecessary damage to the dishwasher itself in the mechanisms which you cannot see on the surface.

4. Remember the Filters:
In order to keep the dishwasher functioning healthily you need to pay special attention to the dishwasher’s filters. You should regularly change and clean commercial dishwashers so that the machines do not have to work so hard. The less they have to work on a daily basis, the longer they will last in general. So, change and clean the dishwasher filters regularly and enjoy more for your money.

5. Keep Rinse Pressure in Mind:
Investigate your dishwasher’s settings and make sure the rinse pressure is set between 15 to 25 pounds per square inch for energy efficiency. The more energy efficient your dishwasher is, the less money you will pay every month and the longer your dishwasher will actually last too. Monitor the settings and make the adjustments necessary if needs be.

6. Look For Problems:
Commercial dishwashers are designed to clean dishes; that is their job. Therefore, if your dishes are dirty it might be a sign that your dishwasher is getting old and tired. Either invest in a new-one or get a professional to take a look at the machine that you already have to see if there is anything that can be done to improve the way in which it runs. The most important thing to remember is that evidence of problems should not be ignored. If you ignore the tell-tale signs you might end up losing a perfectly good dishwasher only because of negligence.

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